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DTS Express débarque sur les copies numériques Ultraviolet

DTS Express arrives on Ultraviolet digital copies

Cloud technologies are constantly evolving in recent times, and it is the same for content in High Definition. We just received a press release from DTS Inc., and which specifies that an alliance between the group and Ultraviolet just born. Specifically, this alliance will allow future releases of stocks with Ultraviolet technology out of the shackles of stereo tracks arch-compressed to benefit from quality stereo, 5.1 or even 7.1, all via the codec DTS Express. This codec, DTS baptize "low bitrate" (as opposed to its lossless says "Lossless") will soon be available on digital copies of movies edited by members of the alliance studios, including Universal, Paramount, or Sony Pictures.

For the record, this codec allows to broadcast encoded in DTS audio stream (with losses, no "lossless") when disseminating the technical conditions (television, digital copies as is also the case with Ultraviolet technology) will show too narrow. Thus, the digital copy of the film will be acquired available in DTS 2.0, 5.1 or 7.1, a genuine first in the history of dematerialized public content since until now the sound reproduction always appeared somewhat expanded, "rough" and suffering from intolerable booster due to physical space constraints. While the DTS Express uses the same compression codec (see figures below) but still optimizes both the speed and the sound perspective, which finally comes out of a compressed stereo format and crushed to divide, as mixing the film, on 5.1 or 7.1 channels.

DTS Express codec works as follows (click on a box to the left to reveal the content):

  • In the case of a sound track 2.0
  • In the case of a 5.1 sound track
  • In the case of a soundtrack 7.1
a constant bitrate from 75 Kbps (able to climb above).
An audio bitrate ranging from 192-512 Kbps.
An audio bitrate ranging from 288-768 Kbps.

Last point: the nominal audio bitrate is adaptive, allowing some flexibility in the rendering of the sound and the quality of the encoding.

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